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Newcastle Through the Eyes of Nazi Planners

When war planners during the Second World War settled on aerial bombing raids as an effective strategy, the need for an unprecedented level of geographic intelligence intensified. In order to ensure maximum destruction both sides looked beyond traditional military targets—weapons … Continue reading

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Cartography of the Tyne & Wear Metro

There’s a very strong relationship between a transit system’s cartographic representation and its user efficiency. Henry Beck’s iconic London Underground map was an instant success with the public precisely because it showed a ‘clear and consistent visual of the lines, … Continue reading

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Victoria Viaduct

The Victoria Viaduct spans the River Wear and was originally part of the Durham Junction Railway, later becoming part of the Leamside line. The bridge was opened in 1838 and is raised 120ft above the river. Passenger traffic ceased in … Continue reading

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Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot

Not much archival information exists about the Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot. As the name suggests it was a strategically placed WWII depot. Sources variously report that it was used also as a balloon depot (TW Site Lines), MoD bunkers and … Continue reading

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