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Gateshead’s Unbuilt Airport

It’s hard to imagine the North East’s international airport being anywhere other than Newcastle. It is, after all, the largest city in the region and has strong business, transport and financial links. But the location of the airport was not … Continue reading

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Newcastle Through the Eyes of Nazi Planners

When war planners during the Second World War settled on aerial bombing raids as an effective strategy, the need for an unprecedented level of geographic intelligence intensified. In order to ensure maximum destruction both sides looked beyond traditional military targets—weapons … Continue reading

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Cumberland Hodge Fights the Devil in Gateshead

All ye whom literature engages, Come read my book through all its pages, It far surpasses former ages For truth and diction; Compar’d with which the wisest sages Wrought nought but fiction. When the irrepressible Wesleyan preacher Hodgson Casson arrived … Continue reading

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Ghost Roads / Astroturf Proving Grounds / Dead Railways

Trying to take a shortcut from housing estate to industrial estate in Gateshead on my way to walk the abandoned Leamside railway line from Follingsby and end up walking down a dead end path that only leads to a fence … Continue reading

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Secret Architecture of the Tyne & Wear Metro

I was fascinated when I first read Geoff Manaugh’s post about New York City’s fake house. 58 Joralemon Street in Brooklyn has all of the appearances of a Greek revival townhouse but is in fact an elaborate façade for a … Continue reading

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Cartography of the Tyne & Wear Metro

There’s a very strong relationship between a transit system’s cartographic representation and its user efficiency. Henry Beck’s iconic London Underground map was an instant success with the public precisely because it showed a ‘clear and consistent visual of the lines, … Continue reading

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Clasper Village Estate

For over five years Gateshead Council has been forcibly rehousing the residents of the Clasper Village Estate on the banks of the River Tyne. The estate was built in the 1960s and within 30 years had succumbed to problems created … Continue reading

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