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Subnature: Architecture’s Other Environments

Nature is a governing feature of postindustrial architecture and planning. Few would contradict the notion that living in harmony with nature—with greenbelts, sunshine and beautifully-landscaped parks enhances our lives. In prioritising this mode of living we adopt an exclusionary definition … Continue reading

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Isolated Building Studies

There’s something romantic about “nail houses”. That’s what China calls a building whose owners refuse to vacate in the face of mass redevelopment. The phenomenon came about when China’s population increase and flow towards urban centres began. As China’s cities … Continue reading

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Marc Augé is a French anthropologist who, in many ways, is typical of continental social scientists in that he spends the majority of Non-Places providing a deep theoretical justification for his research, carefully situating it in particular strains of anthropology and … Continue reading

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Hyperart: Thomasson

“Thomasson” is the term coined by Japanese conceptual artist Genpei Akasegawa to describe vestigial remains of the urban past that can be found in any city around the world. These are the staircases that don’t lead to dead ends, the … Continue reading

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Overlook: Exploring the Internal Fringes of America

The Centre for Land Use Interpretation is “dedicated to the increase and diffusion of knowledge about how the nation’s lands are apportioned, utilized and perceived”. The name and mission statement have an official air to them—almost scientific.  Despite this they’re … Continue reading

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Explore Everything

Explore Everything is the culmination of several years of ethnographic research conducted by Bradley Garrett while embedded with urban exploration groups. Garrett starts his journey as an urbex peon struggling to gain access to the community. By the end of the … Continue reading

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Blank Spots on the Map

Trevor Paglen is a geographer and photographer whose work concentrates on making the invisible infrastructure of surveillance and military intelligence visible. Over the past decade, he has taken thousands of photographs of places connected to the so-called “black world” of classified … Continue reading

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