The Infrastructure Art of Renzo Picasso

Renzo Picasso (1880-1975) was an Italian architect, planner and artist whose work often concentrated on the utopian potential of vertical planning through skyscrapers—or cloudscratchers as he often referred to them. Although little known outside of Italy, Picasso spent time in dense metropoles like London, Philadelphia and New York City studying every aspect of urban life. This fascination led to a series of unique illustrations of city infrastructure, many seen from unique perspectives.

The Renzo Picasso archive has been lovingly restoring his drawings and producing high quality prints to finance the acquisition of more of his works. You can find more of his art and information about his life on their website.

renzo picasso 1renzo picasso 2renzo picasso 3renzo picasso 4renzo picasso 5renzo picasso 6renzo picasso 7renzo picasso 8renzo picasso 9

All © Renzo Picasso Archive.


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