Jock McFadyen’s Painting

Reading something by Iain Sinclair and he mentioned the painter Jock McFadyen a few times. After the third or fourth namedrop I trotted off to look at his work (digitally) and can understand why Sinclair was so effusive. McFadyen’s realist paintings of fleeting non-places and ephemeral urbanscapes are fantastic. A few images of his work from his own site below:

Roman Road

Roman Road – 2007

Jock McFadyen - Goodfellas - 2001

Goodfellas – 2001

Jock McFadyen - Great Junction Street

Great Junction Street – 1998

Jock McFadyen - Looking West - 2003

Looking West – 2003

Jock McFadyen - Silver Escalator - 1999

Silver Escalator – 1999

Jock McFadyen - Turners Road - 2000

Turners Road – 2000

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