Newcastle’s Dead Mall

The Newgate Centre on Newgate Street in Newcastle sits forlorn and awaiting demolition after an exodus of its tenants. The 1960s building has been subject to re-development proposals for a decade and it now looks like a mixed-use residential/commercial replacement has been approved. For now you can bask in the surreal urban experience that is floating through a space intended for mass consumption alone. The shopping centre is in limbo until the bulldozers come in but probably wont be there for much longer.

Dead Malls are not a familiar site to Brits, but in the United States they abound. An entire community has sprung up around documenting this suburban decay, with contributors making regular pilgrimages to lifeless malls. Dead Malls are typically out-of-town affairs, so the Newgate Centre is unique in being located in the city centre of a major metropolis.

newgate centre 14newgate centre 1newgate centre 9newgate centre 3newgate centre 2newgate centre 12newgate centre 5newgate centre 7newgate centre 11newgate centre 8newgate centre 4newgate centre 13newgate centre 10

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