Bowes Railway Station


Along with other vestigial remains of the South Durham & Lancashire Union Railway, Bowes Railway Station looks like it could have been put there by aliens. Tracing the line is difficult, with much of being paved over by roads or absorbed into the private fields which once flanked it on either side. Somewhere in the middle of one such field is what’s left of Bowes station.

You can see in my pictures that part of the platform still exists crumbing and overgrown. Behind it the shells of the station buildings are being eaten alive by nature. The station opened in 1861 and was closed during Beeching’s Axe in 1962 after over a century of service. Here it is shortly after closure.

Curiously, the old signal box remained for many years after closure and was dismantled by a preservation group in 1997. It remains in storage awaiting reconstruction for use along the Eden Valley heritage line in the future.


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