Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot

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Not much archival information exists about the Boldon Anti-Aircraft Supply Depot. As the name suggests it was a strategically placed WWII depot. Sources variously report that it was used also as a balloon depot (TW Site Lines), MoD bunkers and medical stores (South Tyneside Council) and a camp (1950 OS map). In its role as an anti-aircraft ordnance depot it would have been vital in protecting Sunderland from aerial bombardment.

Records of deaths from aerial attacks in the region suggest they were comparatively low. A morbid indicator of the success of the Boldon depot are the reports of several local fatalities caused by enemy aircraft which were shot down crashing into houses and streets.

It was one of two similar sites in the region, the other in Killingworth was sadly demolished in 2015 to make way for housing.

The 1950 OS map shows a much more substantial development so a fair few buildings (perhaps originally temporary) were destroyed in the intervening years. I have been unable to find any historical photographic evidence. It’s unclear how the site was using after the 1950s but there’s some evidence that one of the huts (obviously erected some time after the war) was used as a garage.

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